Short History

Contrary to popular belief, stockings’ origins are not recent but instead ancient. Over time there has been an evolution and a gradual improvement of yarns, materials and production technologies, up to the excellence, the state-of-the-art of today: currently there are a lot of types of stockings and tights, differing by color, color hues and design type.

Tights and stockings today are not just accessories but garments in their own right, always following the latest fashion trends.
For Lady products make women’s legs the absolute protagonists… Because you can see, feel, touch the difference.

Ever since man started wearing clothes on its body, legs have been covered as well! The birth of “modern” stockings dates back to the Middle Ages when silk started to be processed to make the first socks and stockings.
In the beginning only men wore stockings but from the moment women were allowed to show their legs stockings became a symbol of luxury.

Nylon was discovered in 1938 in Du Pont company’s USA laboratories. Nylon gives an extraordinary elasticity, versatility and flexibility to stockings.

The new production techniques in use ever since the 50s allowed development of the first seamless stockings.

Nylon was discovered in 1938 in Du Pont company’s USA laboratories. Nylon gives an extraordinary elasticity, versatility and flexibility to stockings.

The development of Lycra made stockings even more tight-fitting and durable, increasing its fit and aesthetic appearance.
And in 1965, when the mini-skirt came, tights triumphed! It was a revolution in fashion and society as well. The greatest movie and fashion celebrities consecrated tights as a weapon of seduction.



For Lady DOOEL- a company that started its journey in Skopje, Macedonia in 1995, in the domain of producing women’s and children’s stockings, as well as selling and exporting both large and small quantities, inside and outside of Macedonia. At the beginning of the process, For Lady became recognizable for our primary lines of products, namely, Samantha, Lucia, and Sanja, and throughout the years grew to incorporate over 50 different products with a variety of sizes and colours. Over time, our innovation, expertise, investments in modern technology, and the advancement of our processes of production helped us develop a number of brands and products that are becoming staples in every modern woman’s closet. We are continuously working on improving our production and adopting our products to the ever-changing needs of our customers, as well as the latest fashion trends. It is these traits that have ensured our long-lasting presence mainly in Macedonia, but also throughout the Balkan region. Our longstanding experience serves as a guarantee for a successful and timely production and delivery of our products. Our ultimate goal is to produce and distribute a wider scope of Macedonian products to the regional markets, and ensure that our recognizable products and our unique method of production becomes the number one choice for every contemporary woman.

Dear loyal customers and friends of For Lady,

We are happy to inform you that our company is developing an innovative product, which doesn’t exist not only on the Macedonian but also on the global market!

As a part of the For Lady family, a team was formed that works on a special project in collaboration with the Fund for innovation and technological development. Within the Third Pillar for funding by the Fund, as a part of the call for financing of innovations, our company applied with a project for development of a new innovative product – biodegradable tights and socks with antibacterial features and cosmetic effect. The financing was approved and for the past few months we are working with full speed on development and perfecting of the product.

To our loyal customers and future customers, we want to offer a product which is functional and esthetically pleasing, while at the same time it offers antibacterial protection and nurtures their skin.

Every business has its social responsibility and our goal with this project and this innovation is to offer a solution to three problems:

  1. To minimize the pollution which is caused by use of tights and socks, which degrade for decades (sometimes more than 50 years) after they end up at a land field. Our innovative product is biodegradable and after it is disposed at a land field it decomposed in up to 5 years. (*)
  2. The longer use of tights and socks in the cold days results in drying and cracking of the skin. Our innovative product has special finishing process and addition of Aloe Vera extract which help with the skin care. Other unwanted effect is the occurrence of sweating in the intimate parts and the part of the feet which leads to development of fungus or bacterial infections. The new formula of our tights and socks will offer you antibacterial protection with the purpose to minimize or prevent these effects.
  3. Lastly, but probably the most important, our company has a goal to offer the newly opened job positions, which will be created as result of the expansion of our business with this project, to employ single moms as well as young adults up to 29 years.

(*) The textile industry is one of the biggest polluters of the planet. The studies made on this subject show that almost 5% of all land field waste comes a result of the textile industry. We plan that our innovation will be available to the market in 2019, but our loyal customers will soon have an opportunity to order it on pre-sale.

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Respectfully yours,
For Lady