For Lady, thanks to leading edge technologies and production processes and to the use of valuable yarns has always offered high quality tights and stockings with perfect fit and great durability.
Wide collections of tights and stockings, fashionable or classic, in tune with the latest fashion trends and good for any occasion, from the simplest and most informal models to the most elegant and sophisticated ones, good for every age and every taste and to meet the most diverse needs of women.

Tights, hold-ups, leggings, knee-highs and socks with a good quality-price ratio, for widely diversified targets, in continuous evolution.

Since the beginning, in 1995, For Lady DOOEL is equally active in the wholesale business as much as it is in the retail, by using contemporary distribution channels with organized transportation, as well as direct selling from the manufacturing plant to the client via cargo.

With the capacity of 250000 pieces per month, 35 modern machines and state-of-the-art technology enabling the production of all types of hosiery, in addition to the already existing models, we can offer the client modified, specialized models, in terms of type and color according their own personal needs.

Depending from the amount of pieces ordered, the average time of delivery is 2 to 10 days.

Before, during and after sale For Lady is at its business partners’ side to help them organize, manage and analyze sales in the best way.

+389 75 205 997 info@forlady.com.mk